Services - Low Voltage Design

Low Voltage / Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Consultation & Design


Critical building functionality relies on implementing and integrating the appropriate technology with architectural and engineering systems. CCI’s experts apply cutting edge information & communications technology throughout the built environment.


CCI’s Information & Communications Technology (ICT) expertise ensures the market appropriate application of network infrastructure, audio-visual (AV), and electronic security systems (ESS). Guiding clients through the complexities of the digital forest, CCI achieves results that fulfill client needs, expectations, budgets, and future plans. As an educational resource to clients, CCI is mindful of the realities of design, construction costs and schedules. Our professional services include:


  • ICT Infrastructure Surveys & System Assessments
  • Consultation & Planning
  • Design Standards & Development of Guidelines
  • Comprehensive Engineering
  • Construction Phase Services
  • ICT Systems Commissioning


Infrastructure Expertise


CCI designed infrastructures (the backbone and horizontal hardware, room, racks, pathways, cabling, etc.) seamlessly facilitate the transport of information and communication between people and systems. Proper design of building network infrastructure supporting interoperability and technology is critical in maximizing the full potential of technological advancements. CCI’s Infrastructure expertise and services include:


  • Outside Plant (OSP) Infrastructure
  • Inside Plant (ISP), Backbone & Horizontal Infrastructure
  • ICT/Telecommunications Facilities & Fittings
  • Data Centers, Server Rooms
  • ICT Systems Network
  • Distributed Antenna Systems, RF, WiFi
  • Point-to-Point, Building-to-Building Wireless Bridge
  • Network Infrastructure Upgrades, Migration, Planning & Design


Audio / Visual Expertise


Audio / Visual (AV) systems digitally expand and facilitate a businesses’ ability to achieve higher workplace efficiencies and communications by enabling people to seamlessly connect and collaborate. Opportunities arise from continuous advancements in AV technologies, and CCI’s experts develop solutions that balance innovation with state of the art AV components. CCI’s AV consulting and design services include:


  • AV Equipment Selection & Specifications, Control Systems
  • Code & Standards Compliant Design and Coordination
  • Inter- & Intra- Building Communications; Audio and Public Address
  • Courtroom, Classroom, Boardroom, Conference Room Collaborative AV Systems
  • Program & Voice Reinforcement Systems
  • Digital Wayfinding & Information Displays, Kiosks
  • Interior & Exterior LED; Matrix Large Screens
  • Digital Building Facades; LED & Projection
  • CATV, CCTV, & IPTV Systems
  • NFPA Mass Notification Systems (MNS)
  • Nurse Call Systems, Patient Care & Monitoring


Electronic Security Systems Expertise


Electronic Security Systems (ESS) enhance safety, services and protection through fire protection (fire detection and notification), patient care (nurse call), tri-level perimeter monitoring (intrusion detection), visual monitoring (video-surveillance), and passageway monitoring and control (access control). CCI’s experts provide proper integration of ESS, enabling them to function as one while providing code compliant inter-operability and control. CCI understands code requirements and balances physical and digital security needs with the latest advancements in technology. CCI’s ESS expertise and services include:


  • Vide-Surveillance, Video-Analytics, Asset Monitoring, Digital Recording
  • Access Control & Door Hardware Integration
  • Fire Alarm Systems Designed by Fire Protection Professional Engineers
  • Interior & Perimeter Intrusion Detection & Monitoring
  • Asset Management, Protection, Loss Prevention
  • Hospital & Clinic Infant Protection Systems
  • Pre-K & K-12 and Campus Protection
  • Commercial Enterprise Protection
  • RFID Asset Management, Personnel Tracking


CCI’s comprehensive services and expertise ensure an integrated, interoperable, and code compliant system design that supports crucial operations today, and is capable of sustaining future growth, technologies, systems and upgrades. | 314-991-2633